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Since its emergence into the mainstream over the last years, the blockchain and financial technology sector (‘FinTech’) has captured the interest and imagination of all sectors, incl. entrepreneurs, public and private investors, governments and regulators, as well as financial institutions and asset managers. Disruptive technology is pushing against conventional legal boundaries and is raising unprecedented questions which hit all areas of law.

Our Service Offering:

We provide full legal, regulatory and tax services for all kinds of FinTech initiatives, including start-ups and venture activities, technology companies and financial institutions in particular in the following areas:

• Distributed ledger (blockchain) and smart contracts including crowd funding, insurance, real estate, (peer-to-peer) lending, Initial Coin Offerings, Token Generating Events, Cryptocurrencies
• Corporate structuring
• IP creation and protection, product and technology development
• Joint ventures, strategic co-operations and outsourcing
• Trade secrets and business models
• E-money and mobile payment technologies as well as trading systems
• Robo-advisors and wealth management applications

Main Contacts:
Dr. Hans Moritz
Dr. Alexander Lindemann

Swiss Developments:
- 16 Feb 2018: Swiss Financial Regulator publishes ICO guidelines

- 14 February 2018: FINMA roundtable: presentation of the ICO guidelines

EU Developments:
- 8 March 2018: FinTech: Commission takes action for a more competitive and innovative financial market