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Семейное Управление

Many successful wealthy entrepreneurs have a family and many successful enterprises have many wealthy family stakeholders. It is not always easy to ensure that each and every family member gets what is deserved and often, especially in transition times like M&A transactions like sale or partially sale of the family company, exit of the main family shareholder, inheritance and other similar events, it is difficult to come to a fruitful conclusion on the way forward.

At LINDEMANNLAW, we have experts who help both, the single entrepreneur of first generation and the multi-generational established entrepreneurial family, to find an amicable solution in family governance. This can be done in workshops, by establishing a family office, by writing a family constitution: there are many ways as all families are individual. We are very happy to work with existing advisors and specialists, which the entrepreneur or the family already trust. We follow a family value-based approach, which is sustainable.

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