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As entrepreneurs at heart, we at LINDEMANNLAW are cognizant of how crucial a supportive regulatory setting may be for your business. We are equally conscious that getting the “soft” factors in your business environment right is just as important for your success as simply fulfilling the hard requirements.

To ensure these fundamentals, LINDEMANNLAW supports you as an entrepreneur in building stable and fruitful relationships with decision shapers and makers in government, civil society and the relevant business community both in Switzerland and beyond. Likewise, our law firm is your preferred partner for effective regulatory shaping and advocacy with Swiss and international administrations, regulators and law makers.

Our Service Offering:

Government Relations

  • Intelligence on all industry- and business-relevant stakeholder and decision shapers and decision makers. Identification of relevant legislative and regulatory bodies. Focused issue monitoring and management
  • Connecting clients with the industry- and business-relevant stakeholders, decision shapers and decision makers. Providing connecting opportunities in the relevant Swiss business community, as well as Administration and Parliament on the Federal, Cantonal and Communal levels and up to the highest echelons
  • Government Relationship Management working through all levels of the legislative process from opinion building to drafting the relevant legislation for the support of relevant regulators and lawmakers

Regulatory Development and Advocacy

Structured Regulatory Shaping from regulatory situation analysis to political decision implementation:

  • regulatory situation analysis
  • development of realistic regulatory objectives
  • implementation strategy development
  • preparatory issue-oriented lobbying
  • preparation of specific regulatory objectives
  • development of targeted regulatory texts
  • targeted placement of the regulatory project
  • one-to-one accompaniment of the regulatory project through all stages of regulatory development

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