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LINDEMANNLAW provides litigation and international arbitration in Switzerland in the financial area. We represent clients in complex civil, administrative and criminal litigation, international arbitration and corporate investigations. Clients rely on our natural understanding of their business needs and our fine grasp of the technical and scientific disciplines at the core of their operations, we approach each matter with thoroughness and creativity. Our firm’s distinctive features, including cost-effective and target-oriented case handling with teams tailored to the specific size and requirements of each individual dispute, make us a preferred choice as counsel. We also work closely with other LINDEMANNLAW practice groups to develop dispute prevention and compliance strategies as well as other techniques to assist our clients in reducing litigation risk.

Traditionally, the firm is frequently retained to act in banking and finance litigation and we represent major corporations and individuals in regulatory enforcement matters and white-collar criminal investigations. We also have significant experience in advising private clients on disputes relating to their wealth management and inheritance matters. As a boutique lawfirm, we are in an effective position to defend our clients’ interests before courts and authorities both in the German- and French-speaking Cantons of Switzerland. Moreover, we have a long and successful track record in litigation before the Swiss federal courts and administrative authorities, including appeals before the Swiss Federal Supreme Court. Our clients have the benefit of our in-house expertise in all areas of business law.

In every case, we establish a tailor-made team prepared to provide the highest quality of work, with the utmost commitment and focus at every level. Our multilingual team is able to communicate with clients and conduct cases in English, French, German and Russian.

Determined to win our clients’ cases, we equally strive – whenever appropriate – to explore favourable amicable solutions to the issues at stake, with as little disruption to business as possible.

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