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LINDEMANNLAW’s Sanctions Centre of Excellence has over the years developed a reputation of robust and pragmatic best practice advice. We address all relevant regulatory aspects and remifications that our clients are facing with regard to sanctions from both sides – Russia & Western world. Several sanctions have been imposed which can have immediate and long-term effects on all kinds of businesses. In this complex and fast-developing environment, it can be difficult to keep an overview of how your business or interests are impacted. Our sanctions experts monitor developments continuously and inform you about emerging implications for you.

Many of LINDEMANNLAW’s Swiss and international clients are now also facing counter-sanctions in Russia. In a hostile environment they are difficult to navigate. Its paramount to understand both Russian and Western culture equally. In this situation it is vital to receive independent and robust advice to limit your damage. Our lawyers are capable of understanding both the Western and the Russian legal system.

LINDEMANNLAW’s ensures that companies receive timely, practical and solution oriented advice. We help our clients navigate the wide range of contractual, transactional, regulatory and litigation risks.

For general information on the economic sanctions, please see the links below:

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