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Wealth Structuring – CFC-Tax Optimisation

LINDEMANNLAW offers private clients comprehensive advisory services. We can provide support in relocating to or taking up residence in Switzerland, and also in planning and setting up the appropriate structures. Evaluating the most suitable domestic and international arrangements, including foundations and trusts, we develop bespoke solutions for you. We negotiate with the local tax authorities to determine your individual tax status (e.g. lump-sum tax, tax holidays, etc.) and we obtain the necessary tax rulings. Therefore we can usually predict your tax liabilities with a high degree of accuracy.

In private or corporate succession and estate planning, we think long term and strive for sustainable solutions. Our aim is to ensure maximum international flexibility through early planning. We build an individual profile for each client in order to sort out future tax liabilities. Our comprehensive services include international tax planning for both individuals and corporations.

Our experts also advise private clients on matrimonial property law. We support our private clients in all aspects of tax arrangements and tax planning. In connection with contested wills, inheritance and matrimonial property agreements, and estate administration, we represent our clients before Swiss courts or tribunals. As advisors, we aim to find robust solutions that service more than one generation of wealthy private clients including regulatory and tax considerations.

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