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Securitisation – Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Malta & Cayman Islands

For asset managers, wealth managers and banks there is a need to securitise alternative investments and other illiquid assets in order to make them bankable, allow subscriptions via custodian bank and avoid that assets under management are reduced by outflows. Further investments can be sliced into smaller sizes to increase number investors and intermediaries as well as issuer risks can be eliminated. We create issuance solutions for our clients with the ability to securitize bankable and non-bankable assets with an international securities identification number ( ISIN ) and without bank risk (off-balance sheet). Bonds, Profit Participation Notes ( PPN ) Shares, Asset Backed Securities ( ABS ) or Actively Managed Certificates ( AMCs ).

For private wealth investors and family offices compliance with national CFC tax rules has become a challenge in nearly every country. We advise and implement on CFC tax compliant solution for over 20 years for countries like e.g. Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Israel, Argentine, USA, Germany supported by tax opinions by reputable local tax advisors. Our investment funds, foundations and trusts as well as securitisation solutions are best practice when it comes to comply with CFC tax rules.

Additionally, such security issuance maybe tokenised. Asset tokens or security tokens are an increasingly popular phenomenon with its global centre of excellence in Liechtenstein, Zurich and Zug (“Crypto Valley”).

We offer tailor made solutions:

  • Luxembourg Securitisation
  • Liechtenstein Securitisation
  • Malta Securitisation
  • Luxembourg Securitisation

We offer a high-end standardised Luxembourg securitisation solutions. Bases on a proven and tested set up with a Luxembourg orphanised issuance vehicle we offer our clients to securitize bankable and non-bankable assets with an international securities identification number ( ISIN ) and no bank risk (off-balance sheet) at minimal costs. While full prospectus is not required for institutional investors, notes may be passported seamlessly with in entire EU with European prospectus passport.

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