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12th Anniversary of LINDEMANNLAW!


Founded in September 2011 by Dr. iur. Alexander Lindemann, LINDEMANNLAW has grown from a visionary startup in Zollikerberg 
to a global leader in asset and wealth management law. This year, we celebrate our 12th anniversary with pride in our journey and excitement for the future!


✓ November, 2023: 360° International Sanctions Compliance – The best practice | Plenary Session at Caspian Week Forum in Dubai. 

✓ November, 2023: The Swiss Capital Market Forum highlighted the EU Market in Crypto Asset Regulation (MiCAR) and the Transfer of Funds Regulation (TFR), alongside the Swiss Alternative Investments Forum, where discussions on real estate debt, venture capital, and the tokenized world took center stage.

✓ January, 2024: The Swiss Capital Market Forum focused on “Beyond the Scandals: Reshaping Corporate Future” rganized in collaboration with BX Swiss, a Swiss regulated stock exchange and Ueli Maurer, former Swiss Finance Minister.

✓ January, 2024: LINDEMANNLAW transitioned from a limited partnership to an Aktiengesellschaft (AG), or shared corporation. 

✓ April, 2024: The Swiss Alternative Investments Forum, in cooperation with the Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association (SECA), themed “Venture Deep Dive: Swiss Titans and Global Goliaths Reveal Their Secrets,” showcased breakthrough strategies and secrets from industry leaders.

✓ June, 2024: 12th Anniversary Celebration!

✓ 2011: Birth of LINDEMANNLAW in the humble beginnings of a garage, with prestigious initial clients including three of the largest banks in Switzerland, as well as one of the ten largest banks in the world.

✓ 2013: Expansion to Seefeld office with a dedicated team of 5 legal professionals.

✓  2013: Launch of the first Swiss Capital Market Forum, setting the stage
for annual high-level discussions on the financial landscape.

✓  2014: The Capital Market Forum event themed “Financial Center Switzerland – International Openness as a Key Success Factor,” highlighting the global integration of Swiss financial services.

✓  2015: The Capital Market Forum Switzerland delved into “Competition and Partnership among Financial Centers,” fostering collaborative dialogues among global financial hubs.

✓  2016: A dual-focus year with the Capital Market Forum addressing “Swiss Financial Centre in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” alongside exploring “Blockchain: The Next Financial Revolution?”—pioneering discussions on emerging technologies.

✓ 2017: Hosting the Schweizer Steuerstrafrechtstag in cooperation with esteemed partners FIRST, Steuer Revue Fiscale, and COSMOS, offering insights into Swiss tax law in the context of evolving international regulations.

✓ 2018: The forum explored “Infrastruktur Investments & Energiestrategie 2050,” discussing the challenges, risks, and investment opportunities associated with infrastructure and energy strategies.

✓ 2019: A landmark year with two significant events: the Swiss China Legal Capital Market Executive Forum in co-operation with SCLA (Swiss Chinese Law Association) and the inaugural Swiss Alternative Investments Forum, focusing on structuring alternative investments across various asset classes and jurisdictions.

✓ 2020: The Swiss Alternative Investments Forum continued, presenting detailed case studies on innovative fund structuring and best practices in alternative investments including insights into Swiss pension funds and Anlagestiftungen.

✓ 2021: Expansion to the City Centre of Zurich with a state-of-the-art office space encompassing two floors, now housing a robust team of 20 lawyers and professionals. 

✓ 2021: A focus on sustainability with “Best Practice In Green” and discussions on the Opportunities & Risks of Capital Raising with bankable Securitisation compared to Security Tokens (STOs) at the Swiss Alternative Investments Forum.

✓ 2022: This year’s Swiss Alternative Investments Forum brought together experts to discuss Swiss Pension Funds, Infrastructure Development, Decentralised Finance, and insights into Venture Capital and the Swiss Pension Reform.

✓ 2022: Business mission to Uzbekistan, accompanied by 25 entrepreneurs from Switzerland and the USA. During the mission, the company engaged with key government ministers, furthering our collaborative efforts. We organized incorporation with the Joint Chamber of Commerce (JCC) as well as with the Embassy of Switzerland in Uzbekistan.  


LINDEMANNLAW offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet the complex demands of our clients, ranging from Swiss and global industry leaders to ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Our multicultural team speaks four languages, including English, German, French, and Russian. We are multidisciplinary, with qualified advisors in the fields of law, tax, consultancy, and intelligence, with a special focus on entrepreneurial clients.

Our expertise includes:

✓ Business and Regulatory Law: Mastering the intricate regulatory frameworks across various jurisdictions.
✓ Tax and Consultancy Services: Expert tax planning and compliance to optimize financial structures.
✓ Investment Solutions: Innovative management of funds, trusts, and holdings.
✓ Corporate Law and Notarial Services: Strategic support in M&A, corporate restructuring, and public listings.
✓ Escrow and Paymaster Services: Secure and transparent handling of transactions, ensuring the timely release of funds and protection of all parties involved.
✓ Private Client Services: Customized solutions for relocation, real estate, and wealth management.
✓ Innovative Financial Products: Cutting-edge guidance on bonds, structured products, and blockchain innovations.


LINDEMANNLAW presence extends across key global markets, including the USA, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia, with significant legal and operational expertise in Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg.

Our international approach and dedication to excellence have earned us numerous prestigious awards, including multiple IFC Awards, WWL, the Global 100 recognition, and the Corporate Live Wire’s Innovation and Excellence Award. Our lawyers are top experts renowned for their excellent reputations and esteemed recognitions.



Share any special wishes or congratulatory messages you have for LINDEMANNLAW on our 12th anniversary. 
Your words of encouragement mean a lot to us!

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