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Crisis are abnormal events that may result from various reasons, e.g. Fraud, Criminal Activity, Enforcement Proceeding by Financial Regulator, Whistle Blowing, Shareholder Activism by Hedge Funds, Tax Audit to name just a few. No corporation looks forward to facing a situation that causes a significant disruption to their business, especially one that may stimulate media coverage. Public scrutiny can result in a negative financial, political, legal and government impact.

Our third party audits may provide assurance to your various stakeholders as well as banks and authorities how to evaluate and improve effectiveness of internal and external reaction. Areas which we commonly investigate are compliance, internal controls, back ground checks, criminal activities, corruption, taxation. Our neutral audit may form the basis for your adequate internal assessment and response as well as for negotiations with any authorities and for media communication.

Often internal resources do not have adequate experience or may not be neutral when it comes to managing crisis events effectively. We have a track record in successfully assessing as well as in managing crisis with a legal and compliance, tax or criminal background. We support you in negotiations with your stakeholders, banks, the financial regulator, public prosecutor or tax auditor on an executive or senior management level, successfully.

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