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International Sanctions: Challenges for Business & Banks in Switzerland and Worldwide

Watch our WebWorkshop “International Sanctions: Challenges for Business & Banks in Switzerland and Worldwide” presented in collaboration with Joint Chamber of Commerce.


Get an insightful exploration into navigating the complexities of operating businesses amidst Swiss, EU, and US sanctions. Our esteemed speakers shed light on crucial topics pertinent to both business owners and financial institutions alike.



  • Dr. Dorit Sallis, Managing Director, Joint Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Eastern Europe, Central Asia South Caucasus (JCC)
  • Dr. Alexander Lindemann, Swiss & European Attorney-at-law & Tax Advisor, Managing Partner, LINDEMANNLAW
  • Dmitry Artyukhov, Russian Attorney-at-law, LINDEMANNLAW
  • Lionel P Serex MBA, Swiss Attorney-at-law, Head of International Litigation, LINDEMANNLAW
  • Dr. Tatiana Zakharova, US Attorney-at-law registered with New York Bar, Russian Attorney-at-law, Head of International Sanctions, LINDEMANNLAW

The WebWorkshop was moderated by Alexander Lindemann, our Managing Partner and President of the Swiss Capital Market Forum.

Thank you for an engaging discussion as we delve into the intricacies of international sanctions and provide invaluable insights for businesses and banks operating in Switzerland and beyond.


Arm yourself with knowledge and take proactive steps towards resolving your financial challenges.


✓ LINDEMANNLAW assists clients in de-freezing of their assets in Swiss and EU banks and helps banks with their sanctions complianceю

✓ At LINDEMANNLAW we have experience with EU, Swiss and US broad variety of sanctions matters as we employ EU, Swiss and US lawyers.

✓ LINDEMANNLAW has experience with removals from EU, Swiss and US sanctions lists as we employ EU, Swiss and US lawyers.

✓ We have Russian-speaking lawyers in our team who work on sanctions cases and work with Russian-speaking clients for more than 12 years.

✓ We have a specialized litigation team.

✓ Alongside with human expertise, LINDEMANNLAW utilizes custom-tailored AI technology.

For more information, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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